The Administrator Module

The Administrator has a global privilege of monitoring all activities that occur within the school. From student and staff management to inventory and financial transactions oversight. Instantly generate any report when needed. It is the Administrator that will support other users where necessary. Below are some features of the Administrator account. Other features abound. 

CBT(Computer-Based Testing)

GradeDesk CBT provides the best classroom quiz marker tool for school teachers to Assess their students. This solution  was create a learning environment where physical contact might not be possible. It allows you to easily create a secure online Exams and Assessment with the most ease to use advance settings, such as time limit and time for test to be visible to eligible students.

Student management

With this feature, access to all student records per class, active and graduate students, using various filters is granted. Get easy access to student particulars, grades, schedules, parents/guardian information. 

Marks, Grading and Reports

Create customized marks and grading systems that matches your school’s unique structure. Fully automated and error-free result compilation and report generation and maintaining your school result template. 

Roles & Privileges

An Administrator can create User Accounts and assign and manage privileges based on the role they play in the institution, such as subject teacher, head teacher, counsellor, accountant, etc.

Human Resource Management

Employee/staff management has never been this efficient. The Administrator can  recruit, assign classes, define subject or class teachers teacher and more.


With a sigle button-click,  reports on the school’s academic performance, holistically and at a class level. Parents can comparatively analyse the wards performance term by term.