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You are about to  experience the world’s best Schools Management and Student Information System that is transforming schools. It is a system carefully tailored to handle the needs of Administrators, Teachers and Parents. 

Usable in Nursery,  Primary and Secondary Schools of any Size.


Not everyone is a techy. Therefore GradeDesk is made simple, intuitive, and mobile friendly. The intuitive user interface negates the need for constant training and maximises usage.


GradeDesk is built with the best technological tools, database, standards and platforms. With this in place, security, speed and data integrity is guaranteed. 


Hosted on AWS Web Services, GradeDesk guarantees Fault Tolerance, Scalability and Resilience. 


All fingers are not equal. GradeDesk deploys for Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools of any size and structure, with flexible and customizable grading, report card systems and much more. We just give as you had on paper. 


GradeDesk increases connection and cooperation between school administration, teachers, parents and students no matter thier location and timing. 


Platform free

GradeDesk is not platform dependent. It is compatible across all systems, platforms, browsers and frameworks.

GradeDesk is web-based Schools Management and Student Information System that helps schools and colleges take student data online for easier management and better clarity.

It is able to collate school-wide data online so that it can be easily accessed by teachers, parents, students, and administrators. That includes personal student information, grades, records of tests, attendance, appraisal performance, and lots more.

GradeDesk allows the school to make data points for lots of areas in one place so that it’s easy to keep track of progress and performance.

Explore the simplicity of GradeDesk and what is has in store for you.

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We can get your school set up in 4 days with all your data configured. We guarantee smooth transition for all and ensure your precious data is intact.

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